About Gold Door Hemp and More

Wellness is the driving force behind Gold Door Hemp and more!

Studies show that CBD offers all-natural healing benefit for pain due to inflammation and nerve damage.

For Kevin, after a horrific workplace accident that resulted in three major back surgeries and endless back pain, we have searched for a solution that would not cause addiction, organ damage, or any of the other (just as bad as the pain) side effects of prescription drugs.

For Rhonda, after being diagnosed with extreme food allergies I found myself constantly trying to find relief from joint and leg pain caused from inflammation.

After multiple attempts at massage therapy, reflexology, diet change, multiple types of shoe inserts etc., there did not seem to be a long lasting solution to the pain caused from internal inflammation until trying CBD.

With the correct daily dose of CBD, Kevin and I were both able to find the natural relief we were looking for. In doing so we decided if we were able to help get the word out about CBD and its multiple healing qualities we could help others just like us.

We chose to do just that with the start of Gold Door Hemp and more. Our personal goal is to promote both internal and external wellness through CBD and our very own, Life Wellness Goat’s Milk products.

In doing so hopefully we become your neighborhood or online retail location for your natural wellness needs.

We look forward to hearing your success story!

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